Our Story

Meet the Owner and Founder of Beauty2Go LLC. It was founded by 25 year old Ky O'Brien who is a graduate of Drexel University where she studied Design & Merchandising with a minor in International Business. After college, she went on to be an Assistant Buyer/Category Specialist for two retail companies, where she worked across multiple departments such as T-shirts, Jewelry, Snacks, Health & Beauty, and Beverages. Her passion for merchandising and buying fueled her entrepreneurial journey as she began to create her own company.

Ky always had a love for hair and beauty while growing up. She was always seeking new hair trends, trying new hair products and learning about how to take care of her natural hair. After realising that only 3,000 of the estimated 9,000 beauty supply stores are Black Owned, she wanted to make a difference in the Black hair care market, so she began to put her merchandising and buying knowledge to the test.

Beauty2Go was created so that women could feel comfortable browsing for their items without being watched & followed around the store or feeling limited by the insufficient selection of products in the Textured Hair section of the aisleKy also knew that customers liked instant gratification and fast services so she combined the two by creating an MOBILE beauty supply store that delivers in 1 hour or less.